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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  February 12, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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we spent the next 12 years wondering what office he's dpoik to run for. i think we're going to speculate a lot now about what patrick does in rhode island. >> the working people of massachusetts basically voted for graham, may come back were a guy with cheap oil. >> joe kennedy has made some notes of regret about not running and you've got to think -- >> he said so. >> as you go toward 2012, i think there's going to be a lot of interest in massachusetts. >> don't you think the democrats are going to coalesce around the fact, this isn't easy? >> you can imagine the kind of conversations inside the family. ted kennedy's lifetime dream derailed by massachusetts after -- >> health care. >> after no kennedy would put their hat in the ring. >> seems to me, it's a smart thing to do for the democrats to say, joe kennedy, spend the next
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two years watching their voting record and take it away back for the family. >> there's going to be a lot of pressure, but i really believe that if mike won, would have beaten scott brown. i think the blue collar voters martha coakley lost, it would have been close, but he's got the skills to hold on to them. >> he would have known curt schilling. the sox. would have beaten them all. thank you very much, ron and steve. join us again monday night. "countdown" starts right now. which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? job one. scrapping the baucus-grassley jobs bill. harry reid pulls the plug on the bipartisan legislation, the one with tax cuts for the rich. the one that might have been a republican trap in which
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democrats who voted for it would be hit over the head with their votes by republicans. >> we support working in a bipartisan way to get things done. >> harry reid's huge gamble and the second case of democrats on the offense. the president stares down the senate minority leader and gets confirmation for appointees that the republicans were holding hostage. asleep at the switch. the bush speech writer's remarkable admission -- >> you just admitted that when you were hit on 9/11, you just said, we didn't know who hit us. you said, we didn't know. you were told who was going to hit you. before we were hit on 9/11. joining me, lawrence o'donnell. the update from the reservations, the quarter million you donated has, according to the tribal chairman, gotten there before
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the federal relief funds have. more violence and other wolf in sheep's clothing. the founder of uses that phrase to describe sarah palin. wolf in sheep's clothing. >> am i sarah palin's last friend? and she's not the only one on the tea party list. >> i don't see why they would apologize. this is story telling. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." good evening from new york. the fear having let senator baucus have a whack at the jobs bill and the senate could be heading down the path of health care reform again.
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the draft of hiring incentives, which included massive tax cuts for the rich. the good news, this time, mr. reid rests in control of the bill away from senator baucus and senator grassley only hours before the pair was to unveil it's $80 billion quote, compromise, unquote. senator reid scrapping a blow at a tax bill of a much smaller piece of legislation. a spokesman complaining that senator reid pulled the rug out to build support. no mention of grandma. earlier this week, senator kyl mentioning that the same jobs bill does not create one job. that was before republican lawmakers exacted conditions for their support which would have likely never gotten a single vote. press secretary gibbs saying
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that the president will be happy to sign the smaller piece of jobs legislation plus others to follow, claiming that was what we had in mind all along. >> i don't think there will be only one piece of legislation that will encompass all of the ideas that members in the senate or even the president have for strengthening our economy and creating a better environment for hiring. i think that will probably take many forms. we've never thought that it was going to go through in one package. i think there are a host of things that can and will garner bipartisan support both in the vehicle that senator reid is moving when the senate gets back and we'll move throughout this process. >> in the wake of the minority leader's action, his count part in the house, speaker pelosi, giving only a tepid response that the house looks forward to reviewing the proposal. politico reporting that the speaker is frustrated with the senate and white house.
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she does her job in the house only to see similar legislation stall in the senate. time to call in chris hayes. good evening. should cent events on this bill be taken as a sign as suddenly trying to do things differently and perhaps aggressively? >> at a certain point, yes. this is a we don't get fooled again move by reid. harry reid basically said if we voted for this, they would hammer us on it. what you see now, the senate is paying way too much attention to these polls about american's feelings about process questions. one of the things that nailed them in health kcare.
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the payoff to ben nelson. at the same time, there's an imperative. the only way you get bipartisan deals is by e cutting these deals. if you try to do these things at the same time, what you end up with is total par ral sis. >> if you're going to say the senate doesn't work or at least the traditional view of it which has become you need 60 votes, why not got through reconciliation on the jobs bill? >> this is the central question we come back to week in and week out on this program and in my magazine. we need to restore majority rule. this is a fundamental issue and it's making the country ungovernable. when you said, we're going to pass this bill, they got 12 democrats. the reason is that once a bill
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has been passed, you create a different dynamic. you create this dynamic where everybody can take their turn. when you have majority rule, you get a situation which there's momentum behind the legislation and once it looks like it's going to pass rk then people start to play ball. >> to say nothing of the band wagon effect. whether it's reconciliation or simply standing up on their hind legs works on the jobs bill, either way, is there a chance to do it for, dare i say this? health care? >> i think the short answer is no for a few reasons. all the moves parts have to go together. if we're going to go down the mandate, it's very, very difficult to separate the two. a part of me would love to see them separate ted and say, let's create community rating which means insurance companies have to take everyone and they can't
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charge on people's preexisting conditions, it would bankrupt the insurance industry. it should also be noted $15 billion for a jobs bill is so small compared to the problem we are facing. this is like if you owed $800 on your mortgage and you sent a $15 check to the bank. we have 10 million people out of work. we need a jobs bill on the order of magnitude, somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 billion. that's out of the question right now. >> reid appears to have been, although he has not said, afraid of the political blow back of the bill. does this mean he is not afraid of the republicans for having scuttled this suppose ed bipartisan bill? >> that's the point. they're going to attack you either way. you cannot sort of guide your behavior based on anticipate whag the republicans are going to say. perfectly normal consensus items in the health care bill were
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turned into the second coming of stahlen. you cannot legislation based on trying to anticipate attacks. what you have to do is deliver good policy outcomes. that is the thing that should be overriding here. whatever procedural mechanism it takes to get that done. >> they're going to attack you any way. thanks, chris, have a good weekend. president obama and the white house winning a partial victory with the opposition over nominees. the senate confirming 27 of them. dozens of additional appointments still in congressional no man's land. the president calling the confirmations a good first step, indicating he does not plan on making appointments next week. but reserving the right to do so in the future. as the future gets shorter and shorter. appointments still on hold, law professor don johnson at the
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justice department office of legal council. republicans are eager to keep that empty because -- of water boarding and other techniques. let's turn to msnbc political analyst, lawrence o'donnell. the senate having confirmed 27 nominees. how is this progress? is it a substantial kind of step or just a sign that the white house and the democrats in the senate could and should be accomplishing more? >> it is half business as usual and half a result of president obama's intervention with mitch mcconnell. as you approach recesses, they tend to clear more nominees. i think obama probably would have doubled the number they did.
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some of the nominees now still left, haven't been hanging out that long. some just cleared committee in december. you've gotten rid of most of the agr cases of delay. when the president sits there with mitch mcconnell, it's very hard for a leader of either party in the senate to keep a straight face about why they're holding these things up. and the reasonable man part of that character has to come out when they're closed in in that kind of conversation. >> is that the explanation of this? because we heard he was forceful with mcconnell, but then that senator shelby had released his holds before the meeting. that leaves it with what is the republicans' official excuse. just good will? >> shelby let go because they
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were absurdly embarrassing to the republican party. when holds like that become public, your own leader comes to you and says, hey, this is crazy. you're hurting us. you've got to stop this. it was propostrouse what shelby was doing. >> why not recess appointments? >> that's part of the conversation last week, he's saying, listen, i'm going to do recess appointments if you don't do this. then obama sees what mcconnell does and says, that's a reasonable response and the appointments left hanging are the ones that haven't been on the shelf that long and so the president decides i'm not going to antagonize mcconnell and those people further. i'm going to see what more cooperation can get me before the next recess. >> this did not seem to be the approach of the previous occupant in the white house. the results were a recess
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appointment to the ambassador of the united nations and a flake like john bolten. is there enough time in a democratic relative time, in a democratic administration, if they don't care and then the democratic administration, this nagging sense that we have to play by some sort of rules and leave the door open for possibly doing something in the future. the line is from "field of dreams." there are rules here. there are no rules here. how is anything going to get done. >> if president obama wanted an appointee who he knew could not be confirmed and he still wanted him and thought they were politically viable, he would do a recess appointment. this guy cannot be confirmed by the united states senate. never going to happen. it is not going to happen. and at that point, the president
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has the decision, does this guy matter enough. we've seen democrat and republican presidents go with recess appointments in that situation. i think president obama would if he had to. he has a much big eer margin in the senate than president bush ever did. >> funny it doesn't seem like that. like suddenly 59 is not as great as 51. stand by. we have another subject to discuss in a moment. there is that which should always be nonpartisan, helping americans in need. another remarkable update on what you have seen at the reservations in south dakota. and a bush speech righter who admits that on 9/11, quote, we don't even know who hit us. my guest will be the man who called him out for that live on television. here, kitty! here, kitty!
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tonight's first quick
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comment and update on your help on the crisis of the reservations in south dakota. about 95% of the power is back on. the top issue remains the troubled water infrastructure. fema says just today the gathering of information has been completed which will let the administration and state issue its preliminary damage statement. these are all still linked to our site, their generosity is overwhelming us and them. your contributions to assistance are now at about a quarter of a million dollars. the donations will pay for permanent generators in the shelters, for blang ets and p l pillows and home repair.
8:19 pm
the newspaper also puts this in more visceral terms. bob sutton, who set up the w website, rigged his blackberry to buzz each time there was a donation. it was unbelievable, he said, i had to go into the lobby and check it because it just kept buzzing. well done.
8:20 pm
you've got to try it, it is unclear why that when a white house aide feels the u.s. president is inviting a terror attack.
8:21 pm
it is taboo to say, people died on september 11 because george bush did not prioritize. because bush and dick cheney and others supply had other agendas than fighting terrorism. so much so that when a cia agent told the president that an al-qaeda agent was working to attack, mr. bush replied, all right, you've covered your ass now and did nothing about it the days following. the speech writer did a rewrite saying l.a. would have had its on 9/11 if not for torture. >> you've got to think back to the period after 9/11. we didn't know who hit us. this program is why we did not have another 9/11 after the attack. >> you're lying about the west
8:22 pm
coast thing. but you actually, you as a former speech writer in the white house, you took an oath of office when you took that job. you actually publish a book that says that the president of the united states on its title, the president is inviting the next attack. isn't it true that the president you worked for invited the first attack by having no idea what was going on with al-qaeda? you just admitted that when you were hit on 9/11, you just said, we didn't know who hit us. >> lawrence, lawrence -- >> you were told who was going to hit you before we were hit on 9/11. and your administration invited the first attack for which you should live in shame. >> as remarkable as it is that he considers it a defense that mr. bush did not know who hit
8:23 pm
us, he is lying. thanks to traditional intelligence gathering, mr. bush knew who hit us on 9/11, at 3:00 in the afternoon, it was told to mr. bush that it was vur certain that bin laden was involved. any lingering doubts about how partisanship skews the view, here's an article he wrote this week -- imagine the reaction of a democratic white house veteran had asked whether mr. bush was quote, killing too many bad guys. we'll be joined by lawrence o'donnell, former chief of staff to the senate finance committee and was here earlier in the program. if i remember correctly. the last part first, since it has nothing to do with your
8:24 pm
earlier appearance. the speech writer wants bush to stop killing so many terrorists? >> it takes your breath away. if we can somehow capture them, we've invented the drone that kills them, the one that tortures them and talk to them, we'd be much better off than actually killing them. and the ones we are not killing, we are putting on the run, that put them out of the zone where they can be doing planning. they have to spend a great deal of their day thinking about how they're going to survive. this guy thinks we should take the pressure off them. >> he also claimed that torture, of course he will not recognize by that word, saved los angeles from its own 9/11. is this that liberty tower, library tower, liberia tower crap? >> it's a story that refused to put away.
8:25 pm
it has been debunked time and time again. timothy noran very patiently lays it out again as he did today, that the arrest of the ring leader of this so-called plot occurred the year before the waterboarding occur iring ofshake muhammad, which they claim claimed stopped the plot. the fbi doesn't believe the so-called plot could have been carried out. the plot was they were going to hijack planes and fly them into buildings after 9/11. which by the time al-qaeda got to its fourth plane, the passengers were not going to allow them to do on 9/11. the fbi has always thought that this was not a serious threat and whatever it was, was stopped a year before the torture that produced the evidence according to this guy. >> big picture here.
8:26 pm
we did not know who hit us and he says they would have known that if they used torture, but didn't care enough about al-qaeda to prioritize it. there wasn't going to be anybody in custody. even if we made that legal. my assumption is that if they had osama bin laden, all they would have asked him about was iraq. >> and we knew exactly who hit us. he's a speech writer. a spoke to a member of the national security council staff today who was in the situation room while the planes were in the air. he was very dismissive and said he was never allowed in the room that day. of course, he didn't know, but they knew and the president was indeed warned specifically of this kind of plot before it
8:27 pm
happened. >> last thing, the first point i started this with. why is it okay in polite company to say he's inviting attack. >> it's unconscionable to him. i took an oath of office to work in the senate. it changes your relationship to the institution and to the government. and there are things after that, places you don't go. you don't go to the spot that says this sitting president of the united states is trying to get this country attacked. you don't go where dick cheney went saying john kerry would allow an attack. it is just unconscionable to see someone do it after taking an oath of office to serve this country. >> thank you for pointing that out to the gentleman. and here we go again. like your 4-year-old,
8:28 pm
conservatives have found a new phrase and will not stop saying it. wolf in sheep's clothing. their using it to describe sarah palin. founder of tea party, you have unsuspected death. okay, you got your card, your roses and her favorite -- hershey's kisses.
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again, conservatives turn to the imagery of wolf in sheep's clothing. first on this date in 1809 was born abraham lincoln. we found a new book on lincoln will be written by bill
8:32 pm
o'reilly. we now provide several quotes as seen from "bill and ted's excellent adventure." be excellent to each other and party on. this is my hat. he will point out that john wilkes booth was a member of the hollywood elite. let's play "oddball." what? too soon? we begin in mckinley county, new mexico where a deputy responded to a guy without headlights. he didn't need them because he wanted to go backwards and boom goes the dynamite. they say the driver was apprehended and can back up in stateville prison. new york city, hello. who says this is a jobless recovery? barbie fans have voted her two new jobs. one, computer engineer. the other, news anchor.
8:33 pm
yeah, right, like a tv news anchor is going to look like -- wait a minute, maybe this isn't so farfetched. in theory, if a guy like roger ails sees this, he might be inspired to throw a lot of women on the air because they were tall, slender and blond. no. she's a quote, growing insider's attack to the tea party. a quote, sheep in wolf's clothing. or wolf in sheep's clothing. she's an excuse for me to rewrite the carly fiorina commercial. yes, she is. hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! we're going on a field trip to china! wow. [ chuckles ] when i was a kid, we -- we would just go to the -- the farm. [ cow moos ] [ laughter ] no, seriously, where are you guys going? ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao!
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sometimes, a reviffied metaphor has stamina. this time, sarah palin as a trader to the tea party.
8:37 pm
her keynote address at the convention, not winning over all the believers. the founder of toe potty -- slip, confession, the founder blasting this -- he sure told her. what about the wolves? so far, just a duck and dinosaur. not to worry. another excerpt. quote --
8:38 pm
palin will be speaking at two more events in central florida. the rules say bar media photographs as well as audio and video recordings. sarah palin, she wasn't here. some pay pay to attend, just like everybody else. as for the wolf metaphor, hear a high-profile web ad if it were to be reworked. >> leaders like sarah palin would never lead tea baggers astray. >> leaving but one way to fall. >> the republican party would be really smart to start trying to absorb as much of the tea party movement as possible. >> sarah palin, tea bagger in name only. the wolf in sheep's clothing. >> you betcha.
8:39 pm
>> an enemy who sweet talked her way through the the gate with her kids strapped to her back. i'm afraid we all missed the signs. but your allegiance so s to the republicans, not america. better choice. someone who writes what they feel on the big sign, not scribbled on their own hoof. >> one person can follow that, the cofounder and editor in chief of the "huffington post." some things resognate no matter who says them. are these tea partiers starting to really understand sarah palin? >> well, something maybe happened this week, which probably had a lot to do with the fact that she had such a clear double standard when it came to rush limbaugh and rahm
8:40 pm
emanuel over the word, retard, and that part of what she said was over her core values. she never told us who was going to get the $100,000 she got. remember, she said go back to the movement and that's all she said. so, there's two things. really dealt a blow to her being authentic and independent. but beyond that, this week was a bit of through the looking glass. when we had tea baggers attacking sarah palin and the dean of the washington press corp. in the "washington post" extolling her as somebody at the top of her game and somebody we should all take very seriously, while of course, her poll numbers were plumeting. >> he and joe klein cowon the timing of the week award. mr. robinson from, also assailed the governor, but
8:41 pm
also for endorsing governor rick perry in texas. is this an indication of how palin has failed the purity test or it is more of a statement about purity testing? when if you start, it's tough to stop. like the buckets in "fantasia." >> when you endorse rick perry, i don't know really know what other tests they can establish for her. the tea party movement is not at all cohesive. there's been a clear philosophy behind it. that's what we need to take seriously. >> you're not succeeding fast enough. the upcoming events, lincoln day dinner in orange county. it's a fund-raiser. organizers acknowledge that it's unusual for that group to not seek media coverage. once again, the speaking fee is
8:42 pm
an issue, it's not being disclosed. is this about sarah palin trying to protect her revenue stream, about turning the money back to the movement, which could be sarah pack as anything else. does the true leader of a movement concern themselves with that? >> well, absolutely. i mean, if it's realliry duck louse to be making $100,000 when you're leading a movement, then she recognizes that, which is why she talked about returning the money. what is also interesting this week is that we had both sarah palin in the news and newt gingrich. they were both reunited in the regard of facts, truth and evidence. and sarah palin making stuff up about limbaugh using satire rather than meaning the word
8:43 pm
retard. >> another eventful week in palin land. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> you will recall we asked you to vote for the first inductee, the first three all deserving in their own rights, but the winner chosen by you, the viewer exceeding hypocrisy. the same stimulus bill this congressman said was an utter failure. the same he voted against and said was the demon against no-votes. since he is the house minority whip and with 67% of the vote, he is our first inductee in the hypocrisy hall of shame. eric cantor. yes, we can repeat the nominees. first, they're going to get even with this palin, then knock off these comic book guys.
8:44 pm
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now, the second of tonight's quick comments. bloomberg news reporting today that at least four times in the last ten years, experts hired by toyota managed to helped the highway traffic safety administration about those questions about the part-time brakes. the experts, no, they're not automotive engineering specialists. their expertise was in the
8:47 pm
working of the national highway traffic safety administration. that's because they used to work for it. toyota hired tinto directly from the administration in 1994 and nine years late eer, the director from the national highway traffic safety mrks. so when they had questions about the brakes in 2002 and 2003, toyota knew how to answer. they would have known who to call, how to bargain with them. it is the inversion of the doctrine of hiring the foxes to regulate the chicken coop and four early nhtsa investigations went bye bye. would those investigations have ended early? no way to tell. but there's no way not to tell how less sleazy toyota would look now to say nothing.
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captain america versus von tea party. but first, friday night special. the bronze takes limbaugh. yesterday, he called the president of the united states quote, uppity, but not as a black. today it was -- wow. i'm sure it's tough to get a
8:50 pm
full view of your own ego in our own mirror. and he has revealed one of his principals -- glenn beck, october 27th, i'm endorsing sarah palin. he then added, i'm endorsing, my hope is in sarah palin. and there finally is the essence of glenn beck's madness. he has no earthly clue what he has said previously. he has the long-term memory of a roomba. ta it's okay to politicize everything --
8:51 pm
and that's where she cuts and pastes this company's threat that if health care is reformed, it will cut between 1,000 and 2,000 jobs. it's been a big week for her -- oh. here's the spectacle of somebody conservatives as one of their top political thinkers kicking a dead man while he is still freshly dead. fortunately, she does not have to fear retribution about that, because by the time it is her turn, no one will still have the faintest idea who she was. michelle malkin -- mel -- michelle, today's worst person in the world.
8:52 pm
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last night, we tried to tell the tale of two americans. the breaking news about president clinton's surgery interrupted. today, he was released from the hospital, in excellent health, so we will bring it to you. they are infiltrating tea party protests in i'd i'd, lodaho, loa fake captain america. curiously similar to the signage carried by actual tea partiers last year. when the actual captain america subjected blending it, he objects -- causing the real tea
8:56 pm
partiers to protest their comic book avatars. nice going, marvel co. the editor in chief apologized and asked the -- to straighten this out, we recorded this interview with an expert on both topics last night. >> thanks, keith, great report. since i'm into politics and baseball cards, let me turn to david weigel, who is into politics and comic books. just to further indicate this is the man to ask about this. he was at a tea party protest last year and nsnapped this picture. thanks for your time. >> that foe low will outlive me by many, many years.
8:57 pm
>> apologizing for the phrase as your photo confirms, was first used by somebody at a tea party a year ago? >> in their own words, they're apologizing for making it clear that this story line happened to include a tea party rally, that it was a tea party event rather than a vague, white supremacist event. this is story telling. there are lots of movies about the 1960s when someone goes to an antiwar protest. >> this brings me to a comic book question. have they become so refined, a niche kind of thing, that they have to be worried about losing every kind of customer? what happened to that attitude you just referred to? >> they were being censored long before any kind of media. but captain america has always been like this and the writer,
8:58 pm
i'd have him characterize himself, he likes to include real word scenarios, corporations, things that are tearing america apart. this is not new. >> they whine in there about the falcon being from harlem and such. what's the complaint there? after what tom tancredo said last week about literacy tests -- >> this comic book scene happened in idaho, too. you've got a sample set of a sample set that's not going to have a lot of diversity. tea partiers believe their philosophy is totally color blind. it's just kind of an accident to far that there's not a rainbow coalition showing up. i see that, but for a storytelling purpose, it's just so hyper sensitive.
8:59 pm
>> is perhaps the real complaint by the tea gang that they think captain america should be holding one of those signs as opposed to protesting? >> i suppose, but that's a really boring story. it's great in a sense that mystery science 3000, where shawn hannity and libby team up to fight liberal evil in the future. i'm glad i just revealed that i know about that. that would be adult comic. some of the complaint is that they really hate this tea bag insult. i took this picture at an actual rally. i've seen buttons that adopt this slur. they're not comfortable with being part of the conversation. they want to be adored and that's something -- the left got over that a long time ago.